Câteva dialoguri din veselul şi unitul nostru colectiv. Se pare că stricata de tanti Nastea a ajuns în locul unde se poate simţi în apele ei.



– My number is *****696 21.

– Wow, there are a lot of 6 in your number.

– Hmm… 696 means 2+1. Logic, right?

– It’s an interesting combination, but depends on who are those six-ees.

– I’m sorry, did I actually say it, loudly?

– Sure you did.

– Now I am blushing.

– O, you don’t have to. It’s ok, we understand.

– Yeah, but I’m still blushing.

– Yeah, but my number is still sexy, isn’t it?

– It definitely is.



– I hate gadgets.

– I hate them too. Actually, when speaking about technologies and cars, I am completely blond and this is not a joke. My natural hair color is blond and sometimes my friends are calling me: „Hey, blondy”.

– Well, we’ll keep this in mind and very sad you told us that, cause I am an unmerciful blondes joker.

– It doesn’t bother me at all.

– I hate gadgets too, so I’m blond, very blond, except that I don’t have too much hair on my head.

– Still, I can’t fix the problem on your computer. Can’t figure out what is happening to him.

– Now my computer is blondy, which doesn’t wonder me at all.



– Good morning. How are you?

– I’m good, thank you.

– No, you should say it „GUT!”, just like Germans did when they crouched Polands.

– That’s a fine black humor.

– I am telling everyone here: I am an equal opportunities insulter. I am not against gays, blacks, blonds, racists and so on. I am equal to anyone, so, if you feel insulted, just think that you a treated just like anybody else. I am sorry in advance.

– That’s ok, I got sex of humor. O my God, did I do it again?

– Don’t blush, think about the sense we have every time you mess the words.



– You should put the seat-belt, otherwise the policemen could stop you.

– Don’t worry about that. Every time a policeman stops me and asks me to give him my driving license, I have an universal answer: „Ya nie poniedelnik„. Then he is trying to explain me somehow in English and gestures that I should present him this document. And once again I’m telling him: „Ya nie poniedelnik„, he becomes nervous and starts yelling at me but I keep saying him: „Ya nie poniedelnik„. And finally, he drops away the whole idea of explaining me anything, and just shows me that I am free to go. I am laughing at all those dirty words he thinks that I don’t understand.


Si pe final, cireasa de pe tort. Dimineata noi toti am privit linkul acesta. Am ras cu lacrimi, dar lectia este ca toate lucrurile trebuie totusi gandite in advance. Distractie placuta.


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