Inca o istorioara scrisa de fratele meu despre scumpa noastra mamica. Am ras mult si cu pofta.

Mom story nr. 4 (i think. i forgot which number was the last one): So this story is a bit longer than the previous one, and it starts with this bloody cat that lived with us for 2 years after she gave birth to 2 kids in our backyard. This cat was the feline version of Munroe. I mean she had A LOT of freaking fans. About 9 months ago we took her to the country side (i understand she got married, had 15 more kids, and got hired as a teacher at the local school) and that is that. But not all the suitors know that. So every once in a while i see one of them prowling around the house. This night i got home at 12:30. Door is wide opened (and they try and teach me about responsibility). I enter the house and on the couch i see a pair of green glowing eyes staring at me. The cat had the expression of a lover caught in the act by the jealous husband. I mean he was scared shitless. As i enter he runs off. But the little bastard doesn’t run through the front door. HE RUNS THROUGH THE WHOLE FREAKING HOUSE. So now i have to chase his sorry ass without waking up my parents. Now as i enjoy my midnight race, mom wakes up because she was in the mood for some hot milk and honey (sometimes i feel like she was a princess in past life, or at least related to Vinnie the Pooh) She comes downstairs and sees me running around. She does not notice the cat. She asks (what any other parent would ask the child in this situation) „What the hell are you doing?” „I’m chasing a cat” „Next time drink less… Or smoke less. Whatever it is kids are doing these days” „Mom i did neither” „Yeah right. And the cat is one of our cats’ boyfriends. Go to bed” The cat ran away on it’s own accord. Mom never saw him. Next time i’ll catch him and put him in her bed (just because i want to prove a point)


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